HomeworkMarket.Me – Was the deputy president of Ostrow Wielkopolskiego.Ponadto in 2002-2006 was a city councilor in Ostrow Wielkopolski.

many good things have been made, many Polish families felt that, indeed, the state noticed their presence and began to think about them, noticed their efforts, have recognized their work « – said Duda. » None of us, neither the Prime Minister nor gentlemen deputy or state ministers, neither I nor the state deputies, senators, we are not people infallible. Mistakes happen, bad decisions happen, it is essential to be able to say: + yes, sorry, sorry, it was a bad decision, made a mistake to change, improve; sometimes, if necessary, let us list + to resign, it is also a question of responsibility and honor « – said Mateusz Morawiecki prezydent.Premier argued that » the service of the Republic is an honor incomparable, one of the greatest things. «  » Courage, determination and attachment to their homeland are those values ​​which most need the repair of the Republic, improving the fate of our compatriots, the values ​​of which he spoke Polish President Lech Kaczynski « – said the head of the government. » our main goal, our mission goals is to make Polish country best to living in Europe, the country to which they return, those who emigrated, and all who are in Poland live will feel well here, they will feel happy, « – he added Morawiecki. He stressed that the motto of the government » is and will be Poland, which is great thing, the most important thing for all of us, for all Poles. « He thanked okazan confidence that all compatriots who in the election confirmed « the direction of change, operations, repair of the Republic » led by the PiS government. « It’s incredibly confidence obliges » – zapewnił.Szef government ended his speech with the words of the Prime Minister of the Second Republic Jedrzej Moraczewski. « + We want to improve the fate of millions of people, to straighten the road for the Poles and the will of the people +, that’s what we want and that’s what we will do » – declared Morawiecki.Jak explained to reporters after the ceremony, government spokesman Peter Müller, Michael Wos will be the Minister of the Environment Act on departments government administration. « The Minister of National Remembrance Institute head is climate minister, who took over the government department, which today corresponds to the Minister of the Environment » – said Müller. « After the change of the Law on Government Administration, Minister of National Remembrance Institute head remains minister of climate and Minister Wos is the minister of the environment » – he added. « Forest state, the issue of national parks, less so these areas will be the Ministry of Environment, which is in the Minister Wos, while in Mr. Minister Kurtyka climate issues, especially issues related to negotiations with the EU. however, wait for a draft amendment of the government administration « – the spokesman said, when asked about the details of this case rozdziału.Na Kurtyka – spokesman – will move into the building of the current Ministry of Environment. Under the current law of the departments, the environment is one department and includes issues: environmental protection and management; environmental protection; geology; management of natural resources; monitoring compliance with environmental protection requirements and examine the state of the environment; forestry; protection of forests and forest land; hunting; GMOs. In addition, the minister responsible for the environment is the General Director of Environmental Protection, the Minister supervises the President of the National Atomic Energy Agency, the Chief Inspector of Environmental Protection and the activities of the National Fund for Environmental Protection and Water Management and the National Forest Holding « State Forests » .Nowelizacja Act of departments, concerning the environment and ministries of state assets will be passed about two months – Muller added – though it can also be a month. A lot depends on how long you will be working on a novel Senate – he said. When asked how long the Prime Minister will sport spokesman said: « I think it is a matter of several days. » Then he clarified that the appointment of a new minister will take place later this month. « The Prime Minister has at the moment two people with whom he will choose the minister of sport, and both are in the same situation, that after the possible decision must organize formal issues and then these people will be able to take office. These are athletes, people associated with sport « – said the spokesman. Since December last year, Málaga is Chairman of the State Fund for Rehabilitation of Persons with Disabilities. « Every day my goal was helping hundreds of thousands of people with disabilities. We have introduced many new forms of support, many returned to society previously excluded, and very valuable people » – pointed Malaga during the October election campaign parlamentarnych.zobacz also Jaroslaw Gowin candidate and Deputy Prime Minister Minister of science and higher education [PROFILE] »Mariusz Kaminski candidate to head the Ministry of internal Affairs and administration and coordinator of services [PROFILE] » As president of PFRON Malaga undertook, among others, actions for professional activation of people with disabilities. The fund started to run the project, which aims to introduce a new method of comprehensive rehabilitation of people with disabilities. PFRON after five years to restore the funding to purchase a motorized wheelchair elektrycznym.Maląg graduated pedagogy at the Pedagogical University of Czestochowa. He is also a graduate of postgraduate studies in mathematics and computer science at the University. Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan and in the management of the Poznan University of Technology and management of educational institutions in the Baltic Higher School of Humanistycznej.Przez many years was associated with education. She worked as a teacher in the years 1999-2011 she served as Director of Public Gymnasium. John Paul II High School in Ostrow Wielkopolski. In 2011-2012, she was head of the Department of Education of the City, and from 2012 to 2014. Was the deputy president of Ostrow Wielkopolskiego.Ponadto in 2002-2006 was a city councilor in Ostrow Wielkopolski. Then – to 2016 – Ostrów county councilor, he was also a deputy chief. From January 2016. December 2018. He was the Vice Governor of Wielkopolska. In local elections in 2018. He won the mandate of the council Councilor wielkopolskiego.W last parliamentary elections Malaga was chosen from a list of Law and Justice to the Parliament of the district of Kalisz. Received 25.7 thousand. głosów.zobacz also Zbigniew Ziobro candidate to head the Ministry of Justice [PROFILE] »Michael Dworczyk candidate for the head of the Chancellery [PROFILE] ‘ » Chairman of NEC Wieslaw Kozielewicz wanted us to, as John Paul II said in 1999 in our parliament – not + spared forces in building such a state that takes special care of the family, human life, education of young people, respects the right to work, considers the essential problems of the entire nation and is sensitive to the real needs of people, especially the poor and the weak +. These words will guide me in the daily work for the Polish Republic « – wrote on social media after receiving the certificate of election to posła.Jak read in the biographical note on the PFRON, Málaga » in the personal and professional life is guided by the traditional system of values, « and her life’s motto are the words of St. John Paul II « must demand from yourselves, even if others do not demand from you » .It is married and has two daughters. 3 The information provided by the Wielkopolska police spokesman jr. Insp. Andrzej Borowiak that a man broke election materials at approx. 13. The police qualified the behavior as a breach of Art. 67 of the Code of Offenses and punished the 35-year-old 150 zł mandate. This is the first incident, alleging breach of election silence in the. On Sunday from 7.00 to 21.00 in Poland will be elections to the Sejm and the Senate. From midnight Friday to Saturday valid election silence, which will last until the end of the election. If none of the electoral commissions did not extend to vote, the election silence will end on Sunday at. 21.00 At that time prohibited the publication of opinion polls, electioneering for candidates. The ban also applies on the Internet. For breaking the silence even threatened a fine of 1 million zł. (PAP) Author: Simon Kepele Tuesday’s vote in the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Germany’s Ursula von der Leyen was elected head of the European Commission. Von der Leyen for the 383 MEPs who voted against her candidacy was 327, abstained from voting 22.zobacz also Grupinski: Selection of von der Leyen creates a more stable basis for cooperation in the EU ‘ « With the vote, it is clear that without the votes of PiS Mrs. Von der Leyen would not be the head of the European Commission, I received 9 votes more than the minimum required majority of votes. so I hope that the further course of forming the Commission will reflect the fact that it was the delegation of the PiS in the EP decided the success of Ms Von der Leyen, and translate into shape European Commission, which under her leadership will emerge « – told PAP Szczerski.zobacz also for Law and Justice von der Leyen is … hopeless. Warsaw puts Brussels on conditions of « Von der Leyen shows promise in the EP: Check the parties still hesitate » He also expressed hope that after Tuesday’s vote, « the EP will return to normal appoint their own authorities and the democratic order, which should also in the European Parliament control « . As learned the PAP, Pawel Borys was invited to mediate by the board of LOT Polish Airlines, « as a person who has experience in negotiations with the social partners, on the occasion of restructuring projects conducted previously, or cooperation with the council of social dialogue. » PFR President met first with the trade union side, then with the board and currently negotiations are underway on both sides of his participation. According to the definition PAP source, « the mission of last resort » and President Boris .Spotkanie Employers of Poland Andrzej Malinowski with representatives of the protesting workers LOT ended at 18.30, took about an hour. It was attended by: President of the Trade Union of Cabin Crew and Air (ZZPPiL) Monika Żelazik, head of the Trade Union of Pilots Communication LOT Adam Rzeszot and Vice-President of the Trade Union of Cabin Crew and Air Agnieszka Szelągowska.W Wednesday evening before entering the talks with company management Rzeszot rating meeting a « breakthrough » .See also: LOT link eight cruises due to lack of crews’ « I hope that all the disputed points will be agreed and accepted by both parties, and we could end the strike, » – he said the captain Rzeszot. The strike is suspended for hours. 22.30 środę.Strajk in LOT Międzyzwiązkowy Strike Committee organized a LOT of people: the head of the Trade Union of Pilots Communication LOT Sieves Adam, President of the Trade Union of Cabin Crew and Air (ZZPPiL) Monica Żelazik and Vice-President of this compound Agnieszka Szelągowska. The protest began on October 18, last Friday began talks with the management, on Saturday announced the suspension of the strike, which was for another day przedłużane.Początkowo demand of the strikers was the reinstatement of President ZZPPiL Żelazik Monica, who was fired on disciplinary grounds, then the reinstatement 67 people dismissed on disciplinary grounds after the start of the protest and the resignation of the President of LOT Polish Airlines. The Board agreed to exempt the restoration pracy.Strajkujący demanded a return to the rules of remuneration of 2010 and the security guarantees that the board of LOT will not charge the organizers of the strike costs that the company incurred due to a strike, if it turns out that the court considers the strike to be illegal . District Court on Nov. 20 will explore whether carried out by the trade unions strike referendum was legal. About investigate this turned Airlines. The authors in support of the project argue that the « essence » Christmas Eve, is the « birth of Christ as the Man ». « Therefore, it is strongly emphasized family element » answers to math homework – stressed. As indicated, some employers impose on Christmas Eve shortened work day, « allowing adequate preparation of people to celebrate this festival » .PSL-UED also notes that Christmas Eve is a statutory day off from work, among others, in Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Cyprus, Slovakia and Węgrzech.Jeśli As for Friday, it – as emphasized by MEPs PSL UED – is « one of the most important days of the year for many Christians.  » As indicated, Good Friday is the second day of the Easter Triduum, « the day of judgment, passion and death of Christ. » « This is the only day in the year when it is not celebrated Mass. – churches celebrated the Liturgy of the Passion, and the streets of many cities is exercised in public Way of the Cross » – ticked projektodawcy.Posłowie PSL UED emphasize that Good Friday is a day public holiday in the 15 Member States of the European Union. On that day do not work m.in .: Austrians, British, Bulgarians, Cypriots, Danes, Estonians, Finns, Spaniards, Dutch, Latvian, Maltese, Germany, Portuguese, Slovaks and Szwedzi.Projektodawcy argue that the proposed regulations do not affect the budgets of local government, but – as claimed – « may result in (a) reduction of state budget revenues. » « In the opinion of the applicants, it is possible to reduce the occurrence of VAT by about 600 million. It is difficult, however, to the end to fully estimate the costs that will establish public holidays on Good Friday and Christmas Eve » – ​​the explanatory memorandum projektu.PSL- UED reminded, moreover, that in accordance with the current law on non-working days, holidays are: January 1 – New Year, January 6 – Epiphany, the first day of Easter, Easter Monday, May 1 – a national holiday, May 3 – National day Third of May, the first day of Pentecost, the day of Corpus Christi, August 15 – Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, November 1 – All Saints’ day, November 11 – Independence day December 25 – Christmas day, December 26 – Boxing day and Sundays. The stock market metal Comex in N.Jorku copper cheaper 0.3 percent. to 2.7260 USD per pound. Already it lasts 12 days strike in Chilean copper mine Chuquicamata, Codelco belonging to the group. The protest will last until June 28. Codelco authorities should at this time to introduce employees to new proposals. There is a risk that markets will not come about because of this. 10 thousand. tonnes of copper. Prolonged protest mine Codelco can widen the global copper deficiency at a time when the inventory of the metal in China for shrinking. Stocks of copper monitored by the exchange of metals in Shanghai falling from 12 weeks is currently the lowest of the end of January. Meanwhile, investors remain cautious scheduled for this weekend – Saturday – meeting US President Donald Trump with President of China Xi Jinping on the occasion of the G20 summit in Osaka.

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